Mako Consultants help people select and acquire fine art for their home, business, or collection. 

Whether it is a focal point in a room, or a smaller piece to augment your office; a globally recognized name or a local artist; a piece of art history or a statement of art future, our dedicated corporate art consultants in Maryland, and Delaware draw on personal connections with many artists. 

Acquisitions – sourcing quality works of lasting value

As with any significant purchase, it’s helpful to have an expert involved when acquiring fine art. We act as an agent for our clients as we locate pieces of interest, perform the requisite research, and negotiate fair prices. Drawing on a global network of well-respected galleries, dealers, conservators, and art professionals, we offer specially-selected, quality works from a variety of sources, whether it be the primary or secondary market, including gallery, studio, or private sale. 

Personal service is provided during every step of the acquisitions process. Armed with knowledge, we provide our clients with an objective and a critical eye when making recommendations. Our thorough approach has saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Even seasoned collectors often lack the time necessary to locate and purchase desired works. In addition, the art market can be competitive, with more private collectors than ever before, and a profusion of new museums. For these reasons, Mako Consultants is continuously scouting the market in search of outstanding works for our clients by attending interacting with dealers and galleries, and visiting artists’ studios.

Because each collector has a personal vision, we approach each project by first understanding the client’s unique collecting goals, budget, and aesthetic sensibility. Mako Consultants helps clients develop or expand sophisticated, high-quality collections with a focus on lasting value and enjoyment.

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